Google Cloud Platform Devlops and consultants

GCP – Devops and consultants

Cloudnow is a Israeli cloud advisory and technology services company. Cloudnow has unequaled cloud strategy, custom development and integration capabilities.

Google Cloud Platform is an elastic cloud infrastructure for building applications and websites, storing data, distributing content, and analyzing big data. It can serve either a single user or millions of users at once.

Growing data volumes and anytime-anywhere content mean increasingly dynamic IT requirements.

Now you can leverage Google’s speed and scalability advantages – and focus on work while Google deals with capacity planning, data center architecture, and other IT issues.

Google Cloud – Elastic Infrastructure

Using Google’s cloud infrastructure gives you enhanced availability, speed, and user experience capabilities. The cloud services include built-in backup and restore mechanisms, and an elastic server infrastructure that can automatically scale up according to site traffic.

Major savings on infrastructure costs – Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform-based solution enables your organization to save several dozen percent on server and computing costs, and to redirect resources from these avenues to the organization’s core activities. Best yet, cloud infrastructure is charged according to actual usage.

Using Google’s advanced analytic tool

Hosting on the Google cloud will enable you to use the platform’s built-in technologies, and to better leverage big data and analytics tools.


Google Cloud Platform products


Google Compute Engine

An IaaS infrastructure from Google that provides computing resources on demand with top performance, full survivability, and an attractive price. This solution enables to improve availability, performance, and TTM, while reducing TCO.

Google App Engine

An elastic PaaS platform for running applications which provides a complete solution for easily and quickly developing, testing, and managing applications on the cloud. The platform’s automatic elasticity enables to maintain optimal user experience without manual intervention.

Google Container Engine

An elastic infrastructure for managing and running systems packaged as independent units with a Dockers approach that combines the benefits of IaaS and Paas. Google provides a unique solution for Dockers management via a Kubernetes control module responsible for ongoing system monitoring and operation.



Google Cloud Datastore

A managed NoSQL service for fast data storage and retrieval. The computing power expands automatically per demand, enabling to benefit from full NoSQL database performance, availability, and survivability.

Google Cloud SQL

A solution for operating MySQL databases in a fully secure managed service on the Google cloud. Google Cloud SQL enables to save and manage databases easily and quickly via Google’s familiar interface –helping you to focus on building applications without having to worry about data management.

Google Cloud Storage

An available, powerful, and unlimited data storage and management service, with quick access to data and a broad geographical distribution. This solution provides storage services for archiving or backup at a low cost.

Big Data

Google BigQuery

A managed DWH (data warehouse) for quick querying, based on MapReduce technology. This solution enables to analyze and research tremendous data volumes easily and quickly, without maintenance and operation overheads, and to gain business insights in real time.

Google DataFlow

An ETL infrastructure enabling to build and run complex data processing at large volumes with elastic resource allocation.

Google cloud pub/sub

A publish-subscribe messaging bus that enables asynchronous data transfer quickly and reliably.


Google Translate API

Google’s well-known automatic translation service, accessible as an API for various technologies, and enabling the use of multi-language content within applications.

Google Prediction API

A pattern recognition mechanism based on Google statistical models and learning algorithms for data analysis and trend prediction.

Google cloud Monitoring

Infrastructure and application monitoring services for cloud-managed environments, with full control over availability, performance, errors, resource utilization, QoS level, and SLA.

Google Cloud Logging

A central log with a simple, convenient troubleshooting interface for all cloud services.

Google Cloud Deployment Manager

A tool for building and managing deployment patterns that simplifies the operation and maintenance of cloud-deployed environments and systems.

Advanced Networking

Advanced Networking

A robust global communication infrastructure, providing highly advanced network management capabilities, with load balancing, firewall, various levels of DNS, (7L3/L), WAF mechanisms such as Cloud Security Scanner, and direct connection to the Google server farm via Interconnect or secure VPN.

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