With multiple enterprise cloud offerings on the market, each presenting a unique set of benefits, selecting the provider (or combination of providers) best suited to your organization’s needs can be a daunting task. That’s what our cloud solutions gurus are here to do for you.
Building on their expertise with Google’s Cloud Platform, Microsoft’s Azure, and Amazon’s Web Services, CloudNow’s engineers ensure that you integrate the best quality solution/s – no matter how complex the requirements – at the best cost/benefit ratio. With us, you will be able to leverage the most efficient and cost-effective solution, perfectly tailored to your needs.
Your enterprise will benefit from powerful

  • Global Scale with High Availability
  • Big data
  • BI
  • Analytics
  • Machine learning
  • AI
  • Containers and microservices

Our enterprise cloud solutions fit organizations of any size, in any field. We place particular emphasis on privacy and information security, as well as on the strictest market standards – meaning that we also serve large organizations and/or those handling sensitive data (medical, financial, etc.)

But sophisticated doesn’t mean complicated. CloudNow’s approach makes entering the cloud quick and easy, even for smaller companies and startups.

Elasticity and scalability Availability

Whatever your chosen configuration, CloudNow makes sure your cloud infrastructure offers the elasticity and availability to build highly available applications and websites that can handle unpredictable volumes of users and traffic, store data, distribute content and analyze big data to build applications and websites, store data, distribute content, and analyze big data – whether serving a single user or millions of users at once.

And it’s not just cloud computing: there’s more
CloudNow rounds out your digital ecosystem with optional cyber security, backup, database, and business intelligence components, directly from our handpicked vendors.

Disaster recovery & live migration

To ensure your organization never skips a beat, CloudNow has partnered with CloudEndure, enabling you to move mobilize even the most complex workload to the cloud and back. Whether you’re recovering from disruptions or migrating, we’ll protect your mission-critical workloads, minimize your downtime, and reduce your maintenance expenditures.

SaaS data protection for your G Suite, Office 365, and Salesforce

We want you to stay agile. Spanning, another valued partner of ours, enables you to protect your SaaS data with daily backup and restore solutions. You’ll be free to collaborate, innovate, and capitalize on your cloud – with the knowledge that, no matter what hiccup you might encounter, a few clicks will always take you straight back to business.


CloudNow provides the world’s highest standard of cross-platform cloud backup, available for over twenty storage providers, including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud solutions Storage, Openstack Swift, and others. Backup management is extremely easy, with military-grade encryption, using customer-controlled keys.

Cloud Economics

The cloud gives your company limitless possibilities to Go-To-Market with new products, services, ideas and projects.

With it’s “Pay-as-you-Go” model, the cloud requires constant accounting of the resources your team deploys, constant attention to eventual “waste” of unutilized or under utilized resources and optimization opportunities.

CloudNow has the expertise and the tools to keep your cloud expenses under control and optimized.