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20 Feb 2018, Posted by Daniel in Google cloud services
cloud consulting

Cloud IT is a direct offspring of the Internet and entails innovation in the way companies and governments alike relate to IT technology and offer services to their clients, partners, suppliers and the market or segment they are in. To this end, cloud consulting services provide you with novel solutions to daily challenges encountered, ultimately improving the ease of doing business.

However, the process of accessing your needs is equally important. A thorough assessment will be carried out by our team of experts to evaluate how cloud services may benefit your company and business.

Moving to the Cloud

It might be helpful to note that the decision to adopt cloud services is a major one. It has the potential to greatly affect your business, so you shouldn’t embark on this journey light-heartedly. When done the right way, cloud technology can be revolutionary!

About 81% of companies in the U.S. have made plans to increase their utilization of cloud services. What’s more? Businesses experience 25% revenue increment, 30% improvement in operational processes, and 23% increase in productivity. When you employ cloud consulting services, you are able to release all the potential cloud services can give.

Cloud Consulting

How to Switch to Cloud Computing

As stated earlier, launching a productive cloud initiative is a sure way to exploit the available cloud technologies to grow your business. To this end, our cloud consulting service involves mapping out a cloud strategy for your business. The initial process of assessing how “cloud ready” your business is essential to helping you adequately plan the migration process.

Our team of experts will help you identify the important applications you should migrate  first, in order not to disrupt your business operation.

Models of Cloud Services

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Basically, the application and basic structure for the system is owned and provided by the cloud service provider. As a customer, you have the privilege of utilizing the system remotely. There are many services like this and they include Evernote, Salesforce applications, and applications for managing customer relationship.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Here, the cloud service provider is required to provide the basic structure and also the operating system for the application. The application, however, belongs to you, the client. Most times, this system of operation is adopted for cloud software development. A test environment is provided for the application without incurring the cost of computer hardware or software license.

Infrastructure as a Service

In this arrangement, only the infrastructure belongs to the cloud service provider. The operating system and application are owned by the client and the Cloud Integrator (it’s us). E-commerce platforms often adopt Public Cloud as a very cost effective solution.

Factors to Consider before Adopting Architectural Cloud Enablement

Are you already considering adopting a cloud strategy? That’s definitely a step in the right direction! However, there are certain considerations which should not be overlooked. A competent cloud consulting organization will give these factors emphasis when it comes to enabling cloud services.


As we all know, this is an important aspect in any cloud migration strategy. With services like data transfer, software interfaces, storing data, access control, and separation of data. It is, therefore, important that we deal holistically across the cloud architecture.

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