Cloud Networking

20 Feb 2018, Posted by Daniel in Google cloud services

10 years ago, the definition of a cloud was that funny looking structure located in the sky which stores and releases rain. Now, the “storage” function remains, however, every other feature has changed. With the market expected to reach $162 billion in 2020, the need for cloud networking services cannot…

Cloud Consulting

20 Feb 2018, Posted by Daniel in Google cloud services

Cloud IT is a direct offspring of the Internet and entails innovation in the way companies and governments alike relate to IT technology and offer services to their clients, partners, suppliers and the market or segment they are in. To this end, cloud consulting services provide you with novel solutions…

Disaster recovery cloud technology

10 Jan 2018, Posted by CloudNow in disaster recovery

Disaster can strike at any time and in any way, whether it’s a power or network outage, a fire sprinkler gone wild or any natural or man made cause – it can have a devastating impact on your customers and business. Having a disaster recovery plan and preparing for it…

Cloud services for the health care sector 2018

15 Dec 2017, Posted by CloudNow in aws

Thinking of your IT strategy for 2018 ? If reducing your data center footprint is on your list – talk to us. VP of IT at Change Healthcare, the largest ​healthcare administrative network in the US, explains how moving to the Cloud was the first step.  

Cloud Migration and Cloud Economy

18 Nov 2017, Posted by CloudNow in Cloud migration

Found a great video: The CTO of 3M Health Information Systems explaining why cloud migration services did more then just meet their customers need to scale up. If the cloud is secure enough for the Health industry and their challenges sound familiar – give us a call, let us show you…

Why Google App Engine?

22 Sep 2017, Posted by CloudNow in Google cloud services

Why Google App Engine? App Engine is built on Google’s years of experience running some of the highest performance, global web-based applications and backend systems. Google runs 7 cloud products with more than a billion users—App Engine gives this capability to everyone. Business Value more in the subject cloud security…

Google Managed Cloud Services

11 Aug 2017, Posted by CloudNow in Azure

Google Managed Cloud Services Most major cloud companies provide a similar set of solutions. Yet each also has its uniqueness. The Google cloud stands out for the quality of its services and solutions, and the best cost/benefit ratio. The Google cloud fits organizations of any size, in any field. Privacy…

Google Apps for Work

23 May 2017, Posted by CloudNow in Google cloud services

Google Apps for Work is a suite of cloud-based office solutions. Now with Google apps for business you can collaborate among teams, work from anyplace on any device, and enjoy Google’s powerful search capabilities and threat protection. The solution suite is easy to install, use, and manage, allowing you to work…