Google, Amazon AWS, Azure and DevOps services in Israel

Join the growing number of companies that are changing how business is done.
Consumers are no longer the only ones empowered by cloud computing. Now, organisations too can enjoy the cloud’s startling capabilities, services, user experience, TCO savings, and operational agility.

Use the Cloud and focus on your core activities

You have the ability even today to upgrade your organization’s business activity and drive up its efficiency and innovation.
You’ve decided to switch to the cloud – but who to do it with, and how? Does your organization have a trusted partner that can see it through the transition professionally, quickly, safely? CloudNow is that partner.

Everything You Need To Build And Scale


Cloud Services provide computing platform provided as a service, called a “platform-as-a-service” (PaaS). It saves organizations time and cost in software application development by eliminating the need to buy, build and operate computing hardware and other infrastructure.
It’s a flexible, zero ops platform for building highly available apps. When building an app, the cloud platform relieves you from an incredible amount of difficult, no-value work you would have to do to:
• Build your own infrastructure,
• Grow it as your computing needs increase
• Make sure it’s available night and day. This can be up to 70% of the work required to get your app up and running. With Cloud platform, such as Google Cloud service, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, organizations can focus their engineering teams on creating high-value applications, not no-value operations work.

Storage and Databases

Cloud Services lets you store any size object and make it accessible by any person or system on the Internet. You can store virtually anything, and it’s great for large files like photos and videos.

Cloud Networking

• Cloud Virtual Network is a comprehensive set of networking capabilities and infrastructure that’s managed by Cloud providers such as Google GCP, Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS
• With Cloud Virtual Network, you can connect your Cloud Platform resources in a virtual private cloud (VPC), and isolate them from each other for purposes of: Security, Compliance, Development vs. test vs. production and so on
• You can also define fine-grained networking policies to govern how the Cloud Platform communicates with your on-premise software or other public cloud infrastructure.

Big Data

Fully managed data warehousing, batch and stream processing, data exploration, Hadoop/Spark, and reliable messaging.
Data warehouse are using tools, like BigQuery to answers queries of very large
databases, quickly. it can scales to Jet a bytes, but is cost-effective for any organization.
Most of those services are fully managed. Customers benefit from almost NoOps and itsupports the industry
standards, such as SQL ODBC, JDBC.